Desk Research

Desk or secondary research is used for analysing information that is generally in the public domain to create knowledge.

Desk research is an important and often overlooked discipline; it can often be seen as the poor relation of primary research but there is no point in reinventing the wheel when adequate data exists, often in the public domain. This is a skill in itself and requires individuals who are persistent, creative and pragmatic in reviewing sources of secondary data. We have two specialist desk researchers, with extensive specialist industry knowledge who deliver this type of project.

We offer this as a gold, silver or bronze subscription providing clients with access to respectively 20, 15 or 10 days desk research time pa to be used how they want. Alternatively, we’re happy to quote on a project basis. Recent assignments have included:

  • Reviewing a client’s internally held “BIG data” to avoid recommissioning what already existed.
  • The market for environmental insurance.
  • A review of providers in outsourcing FS claims.
  • Policy comparisons in the mid-large commercial combined market, fleet market, CMT property, liability and PI markets.
  • Comparison of Risk management Services by major insurers & brokers.
  • Analysis of competitors offerings in credit insurance market.
  • Sizing of the UK SME market.
  • Sizing of the UK Schemes market.
  • Sizing of the UK MGA market.

Our knowledge of and presence in the industry means that if we do not know the answer and it is not available in the public domain we generally know somebody who can share with us their first hand knowledge and insight.