Range of services

  • Qualitative – Deep exploration and insight
  • Quantitative – Gaining robust statistical insight
  • Desk research – Analysing information to create knowledge
  • Syndicated research – DRIVING maximum value for a group of clients interested in a common subject
  • Broking Now! A regular omnibus of the UK insurance broker community
  • International research – BOTH qualitative & quantitative global capability

FWD uses the appropriate methodology to deliver clients the most effective research solution to their marketing problem.

We use qualitative techniques: Telephone depths, Face-to-face depths, Focus groups and Paired interviews

And quantitative methods: Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI), Online, Face-to-face interviewing, In street interviewing and hall tests.

Desk research: whether sizing a market, doing product benefit analysis of policy wordings or understanding competitors prior to market entry, this type of research avoids clients reinventing the wheel as it is a review of information in the public domain.

Syndicated projects – discussing and exploring topical issues facing the whole financial industry e.g. Cyber Liability, PR Benchmarking.

Broking Now! – is the only broker omnibus study in the UK offering high quality telephone based panel research that can give quick, representative and cost effective results all in one package.

We have skilled international qualitative & quantitative partners who can deliver on complex subjects among hard to reach audiences in challenging territories, all under our close management.