Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is the appropriate method when gaining robust statistical insight is required. It is the primary tool for measuring behaviour, getting behind the questions “how many?”, “how” and “who”. It is best suited for qualifying a hypothesis, suspicion or concept and understanding to whom it appeals, or benchmarking brands, for example. Sample sizes tend to be larger and findings have a level of statistical significance attributed to them as in most cases they are samples of a larger population rather than census findings. So robust statistical insight is the outcome rather than the richer nature of qualitative research. The output tends to be favoured for giving direction to strategic decisions facing organisations’ Boards, although the clever use of probing and open-ended questions can also ensure the voice of the customer is heard above the per cent.

We conduct:

  • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)
  • Broking Now! Omnibus
  • Online and Computer Aided Web Interviews (CAWI)
  • Face-to-face interviewing
  • Hall tests
  • International Quantitative

Choosing the right technique for the right project is a skill that comes through experience. Surveys of members, for example, are often best conducted via a web survey due to ease of access. Surveys of prospects can often need bespoke sample and an innovative approach. General public surveys are most efficiently reached via omnibus surveys while the quality of open-ended responses often plays an important part in recommending telephone over on-line methodologies for B2B audiences. So a combination of target audience, list availability, project objectives, timing and, of course available budget are important factors in determining which method to recommend.

Designing questions that can withstand scrutiny of senior management and editors alike is a very important skill. Questions that are leading or biased can invalidate the findings. Our professionalism ensures we have several checks in place to prevent this possibility including both internal and external piloting. Equally, a questionnaire needs to be engaging and of an acceptable duration to ensure respondents do not become bored. We are happy to provide questionnaire consultancy as a stand alone service if you are running your project in-house, for example.

Over the years we have gained the trust and access to a broad range of financial audiences which to other research agencies would be classed as ‘impossible respondents’ including, for example, “magic circle” law firms partners, editors of the insurance and FS trade press, national & Sunday newspaper editors and journalists, global brokers , global underwriters , HNW and UHNW ; MGAs at Lloyd’s, voluntary sector, European risk managers in financial institutions, CEOs of reinsurers in Bermuda, etc.

Using our trusted and experienced fieldwork partners we conduct several thousands of interviews per year for a variety of projects. The results of such projects help our clients make confident decisions ensuring any change will have a positive impact.